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Affiliate marketing gives small and large websites an opportunity to profit from the ever growing e-commerce world. It is a no lose situation as it gives e-commerce sites who offer goods and services for sale (merchants) with the ability to receive high quality targeted traffic, and you (affiliates) with revenue (commission) on each sale, lead, or click through from your web-site.

Logos, Banners or text links are supplied by the merchant often in the form of simple 'cut and paste' HTML code which include all relevant affiliate tracking codes. (Your URL) Its up to you to then place these links strategically on your web-site in order to generate revenue. This is where we will try to help you!

Merchants will pay varying commission levels based on the type of action, click, lead or sale. currently around, 5p-20p per click, about 50p - 10.00 per lead and anything up to 20% in commission for sales.

The affiliate's only task is to drive traffic to the merchant site. It is up to the merchant to take care of customer orders, credit card processing, customer service, inventory and shipping. What could be easier?

Best of all its FREE to join 99% if not all of the merchants featured on

But What if I don't have a website?

Well , you will need to build yourself one!, if you are in the UK you can get free webspace from may providers, however my favourite, is freeola as they will host your site for free too with no annoying banners or pop-ups. If your looking for a paid host then try easyspace.

So what is this Pay Per Lead, sale, click thing? 

Pay per lead

Merchants offer a set fee when a visitors register for their newsletter, fills in a form, enter a competition, or when they register their details on their site payments can be 5p - 1 or more.

Pay per click

Pay per click affiliate programs are often very popular with webmasters. Merchants will pay for each genuine click through from your site.  

Rates vary from 1p to 20p at present.  Pay per click schemes are often used where sites want to increase their traffic considerably or when they wish to bring in visitors to use their partners services to which they earn revenue.  

Pay per sale

There are an abundance of sites offering anything from 3%-100% commission on sales, which can be quite lucrative.  Try to concentrate on sites which complement yours well.  Concentrate on just a few good merchants and try to build a relationship with them.  Many people I know have made a successful site by simply partnering with one site, and concentrating on just 'Health Products' 'Books or 'Music'.

What are 2 Tier Programs?

Two tier programs are very lucrative as they provide commission on two or more levels, as merchants will give you a bonus for referring other webmasters. This could be in the way of a one off payment or by bonus commission, i.e UK affiliates offer 5% commission on your referred affiliates for life.

Why should I use Affiliate Networks?

An Affiliate Network is a 'One Stop Shop' managing affiliate programs for numerous merchants. These 3rd party companies carry out the function of managing the program and acting as the middle man between you 'the affiliate' and the merchant. You sign up once with an affiliate network and then have access to numerous merchants through one interface. Affiliate networks have two 'clients' affiliates and merchants.  

With affiliate networks you get a single interface, and therefore all commissions are added together, thus you will receive just one quarterly payment by cheque or BACS - many networks have a minimum payment of just 10! which means you don't have to accrue 50 before getting paid on a single product.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions not answered here feel free to email us and we will do our best to help you or check out other affiliate resource sites on our links page. 




Affinity Arc


Merchants Include: Empire Direct : B&Q  : Style Venue :A Girls World : No Flys On Us : MyTights : MORE

Paid On Results

Paid On Results, Click Here!

The UK's Newest Network

Merchants Include: British NIC - Free UK Stuff - Mr POP Box - Your Choice Budget MORE


Commission Junction

Merchants Include: M&S : Argos : Index : Mother Care : Laura Ashley : Shoe Shop : Kays : BBC Shop : MORE


Affiliate Window


Merchants Include: Comet : Simply Perfume : Drinkstuff  :Blue Snake : Pharmacy2u :  MORE


Trade Doubler


Merchants Include: Dixons : Curries : PC World : Debenhams : John Lewis : Littlewoods : Virgin Wine : MORE


Merchants Include: Co-op Electrical  : Your Price Furniture : CIS Insurance : M&S : Teddys4u : CD Wow :  MORE

Affiliate Future


Merchants Include: MDS Batteries : Blinds2Go : ErosUK : LapTopBits :  Sweatband :  MORE



Merchants Include: BOL : Ask Jeeves MORE







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